This therapy is achieved by utilizing principles of anatomy, physiology and rehabilitation process, and advance massage techniques. The body is interconnected by soft tissue which is why treatment on the soft tissue can have effects beyond just the muscle. This is why some clients have reported an improvement of non-related issues like headache, sinus, pain in another part of body etc. Aside improving how you feel by releasing muscular tension, the release will improve the range of movement you can perform. Coupled with some physical exercises, you should feel more confident in your ability to move and perform certain activities. 

Our success is based on a 3-prong game plan - me treating externally, you facilitate the healing through some lifestyle changes and your body doing its bit in response. 


It is tissue that connect, support, or surround other structures and organs of the body. Soft tissue includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, fibrous tissues, fat, blood vessels, and synovial membranes. So everyone has them!  


Massage is one of the most non-intrusive physical treatment so it is suitable for most people who has a musculoskeletal complain like stiff neck, chronic pain in back, hip etc. As a level 5 soft tissue therapist, I am trained to treat clients with medical conditions and/or physical restrictions. One of my case studies was done with a client with fibromyalgia amongst other musculoskeletal issues. I also treated an elderly lady 2 weeks post knee replacement operation at her own sofa. Clients with medical needs can have treatment that is shorter, massage strokes gentler and incorporate techniques that encourage clients to relax their muscles and stretch or conversely, to re-activate/strengthen certain muscles.

There are certain conditions where treatment could be contraindicated.  If in doubt, please get in touch and we can have a chat. 


Contrary to common expectation that the greater the discomfort the better the outcome would be therefore one should "man up" during the treatment, I believe that treatment should not be unbearable. We can use a combination of different techniques and strategies to achieve the goal. The sensation you may experience at certain part of the treatment can be described as intense depending on the client's condition of his muscle and how it reacts to deep tissue treatment. When muscle are tense, they are usually more sensitive to pressure. When one hasn't had treatment for a while, muscle could resist the "change" i.e the stretching and tense up. It is also possible that client can tense up in anticipation towards the treatment which can inadvertently make treatment uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons why some will need more sessions to experience the full benefit of the therapy while others might only need 1 or 2. 

Successful therapy is built on good communication, your comfort is equally important as the results of the treatment so please let me know how you feel or want me to ease off at anytime of the treatment. 


I am a people person :) Having a range of life experiences (See About Me) and an innate empathetic nature allows me to build a rapport with most people.  Professionally, I'm highly trained (level 5), passionate about my job and on what I can offer. I am a member of ISRM which requires me to undertake a number of CPD hours each year to ensure my skill-set is up to date. Not only that, I have plans to acquire new skills like dry-needling, Kinesiology knowledge, myofascial cupping etc to ensure I give clients quality and effective treatments. Last but not least, I don't categorize treatment to a type like sports, deep tissue, myofasical etc as each treatment is tailored to what you need.

I understand that finding your therapist is a personal thing; what you look for and who you could have an affinity to is personal. You are welcome to have a chat before booking an appointment with. For details, please go to my contact page. 


Treatments are tailored for the individual’s needs so whether you are an avid sportsperson, desktop worker or someone with medical conditions, we can work something out for you. For the first treatment*, we will go through your medical history, your issues and goals. I will perform some physical assessment to build an understanding of your issues to formulate a therapy plan that might span a few treatments unless all you need is a little spruce up :) 


Unlike most massage therapy, it is recommended to have your underwear on (for ladies, please wear a bra with hooks) and maybe loose shorts (if preferred). This is because I might need you to move your joints and do certain movements during the treatment. But don't worry these actions are not complex nor strenuous. :)