Following government's guidance for Close Contact Services, I have introduced new measures to reduce the risk of infection. These measures will not impact on your treatment or quality of care.

Treatment room is in a private gym that delivers 1 to 1 training. Treatments are APPOINTMENT-ONLY basis so there will be minimal crossing between people. 


  • All clients need to complete & sign COVID-19 screening form and consent online.  If you do not complete this, I will not be able to see you. 

    1. at time of booking and

    2. before entering building at day of treatment.   ​​A link will be sent 24 hours before appointment for you to fill in before I take you into the building. 

  • If I, client and/or member of direct household develops symptoms or tested positive, we will follow government guidelines & self isolate for period inline with guidance. Treatment can't proceed until isolation period is completed and no symptoms are observed.

  • Cancellation fees will be waived due to client being unwell, please notify me.  

  • Clients recovered from COVID-19 and/or clients in Extremely Vulnerable group may require GP approval before treatment. Please contact me to discuss.

  • To reduce the need for face to face talking, I may contact you pre appointment to do most of the consultation (if required). Physical assessment will still be performed on the day as needed.

  • Where possible, please shower or change your clothes within 2 hours before your appointment.

Face Covering and Face Shield 

  • In accordance to government guidelines, I will wear a visor during treatment. It will be disinfected before each client. 

  • It is advised that masks are worn throughout treatment.

    • For our safety, I will provide masks for us. It should be worn until you leave the building.

    • Hands must be cleaned before putting on and taking off the mask.

    • Mask exemption (medical reasons) must be communicated at confirmation or ASAP. Treatment can only proceed if reasonable  adjustments can be made to achieve reasonable standard for our protection. 


Client is encouraged to complete COVID screening form before making the journey. Wait in the car when you arrive.

  • Message me your arrival. I will reply to approach when the room is ready.

  • I will hold all doors open for you and escort you in.

  • Please use hand sanitiser provided as you enter the building.

  • Face mask will be provided and donned before going up the stairs.

  • Please avoid touching any hard surfaces (when possible).

Treatment Area

  • Wash/Sanitise our hands when we enter treatment room.

  • Couch covering is removed. One-time paper towels will be used to cover couch.

  • When possible and agreed with client, door will be opened to increase ventilation.

After Treatment

  • Client will get dressed (keep mask on).

  • I will open the door. We will have a brief discussion on next step. 

  • Before leaving the building, client sanitises hands, removes mask and disposes it. Try to avoid touching any hard surfaces.


​Treatment room​

  • I will clean & disinfect the room before client arrives. 

  • All hard surfaces exposed during appointment will be disinfect in between clients.

  • For aeration, doors will be open in between treatments.

  • There will be minimum of  15 minutes gap between appointments

  • Any towels used for patient modesty are single use, collected in a bag after use. They will be washed at 60 degrees and tumble dried as is my uniform.



Toilet will be available however, to reduce cross contamination, client is advised to use toilet at home before coming for the treatment. Please practise good hand washing protocol, paper towels will be available for hand drying. All surfaces touched will be cleaned and disinfect after use. 


Bank transfer is the only option until COVID-19 risk is deemed low enough by relevant authority. It should be made immediately after treatment unless agreed with me before treatment. 


Although all reasonable steps to reduce risk of infections have been taken, including screening potential COVID-19 cases and

undertaking increased hygiene and distancing protocols there may still be a risk of infection from face to face treatment. Please ask any questions you may have before making appointment to ensure you are comfortable. Signing the form confirms client knowingly and willingly consents for face to face appointment to take place.