GDPR Policy

Please review the GDPR policy. Please note that the client record and consent form has to be filled in and signed before receiving your first treatment. 

This practice fully complies with the most up to date Data Protection Policy and has a transparent approach to Data Processing which empowers individuals to know about the collection and use of their personal data. We collect data for ensuring we have the right information for assessing your suitability to treatment, for completing the appropriate treatment, for contacting you regarding appointment follow-ups and for a referral to GP or other healthcare practitioners if deemed necessary. Your data may be viewed by clinic staff to ensure continuity of care is given and for standards clinic running purposes. In addition, the data may also be shared with NHS Trace and Test if required to minimise the spread of Covid-19.  We collect only data that is relevant to those purposes, and we keep it for 7 years. All information held will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be released to any other external party with the consent of the client

I have read The Clinic’s Data Protection Policy and consent to The Clinic processing records as outlined above and understand that I can withdraw my consent on the processing of data at any time.


Client Signature